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What in the world are they saying about Haché...

“Le roi de hamburgers à Londres”


“"Food porn of the highest order"”

“Forget everything you know about burger joints, Haché is a seriously cool restaurant.”

“The general word among the design cognoscenti is that Haché has the greatest burger in town”

“There have been a few stabs at gourmet burger dining, but none as charming as Berry Casey’s family run Haché. A real gem.”

“Haché Chelsea. Simply the best.”

“Haché is a proper restaurant that happens to serve burgers. You could even come here on a smoochy date.”

“Haché élu meilleur ‘burger Londononien’. Le fameux hamburger s’avere de qualité superieure.”

“This little chain outscores its bigger rivals with its ‘wonderful burgers’”

“You could always get a good burger on ‘The (Chelsea) Beach’, but nothing like these ones. ”

“Tripadvisor Award of Excellence

“Haché serving upscale burgers made from prime Scotch beef. You ask for a medium rare and that is what you get.”

“This is no burger joint, but a family-run business. Of course the real stand-out is the food. Haché is a great addition to the burgeoning burger scene.”

“I liked it here. If I were going to the theatre, I’d gladly bring my kids here.”

Marco Pierre White

“Family run and friendly as hell, you’ll fall hard for Haché.”

“Who says burger joints have to be butch?”

Time Out
Food & Drinks Guide 2014

“The best burger in London”

Food & Drink Awards

“Haché Chelsea… some of the ‘best burgers anywhere’ have won it a real following in this neck of the woods.”