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Babushka Burger by Alissa Timoshkina

In support of #CookForUkraine

Following the success of the Mamushka burger by Olia Hercules, we then introduced the Babushka burger by Alissa Timoshkina, also created to raise vital funds for #CookForUkraine.

Meaning grandmother, the Babushka burger is a 6oz steak patty topped with spicy coriander pickled carrots, dill and smoked paprika mayo plus Alissa’s signature aubergine ‘babushka ganoush’ and finished with crispy carrots for added crunch!

After completing a PhD in Russian cultural history, Alissa changed her career to pursue her passion for food. She writes regularly for major food publications, hosts culinary classes and is now a founder of #CookForUkraine, the fundraising campaign aiming to provide vital aid to children and families in Ukraine who have been displaced by the invasion.

Available until 29th May 2022


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