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Join us to celebrate Veganuary!

This January our Shaker style kitchen has partnered with This and Beyond Meat to support Veganuary, combining vegan food with delicious dishes, so there’s no need to give up the burgers this month, change your mindset: our range of vegan burgers with Beyond Meat patties are good for your tum and the planet – it’s a win-win really!

Join us this for Meatless Mondays EVERY DAY! Buy one vegan burger and get another of the same for £1 every day excluding Saturdays, it’s a no-brainer really!

We’ve also got a very exciting new selection of meals joining us from 7th January – such as the This Isn’t Canadien burger and the VLT, with This ‘Isn’t Bacon’, which will leave even the biggest carnivore wanting more.


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