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Truffle. Croissant. Burger.

We noticed that a lot of you were loving our Truffle Croissant Burger at Taste of London, so of course we had to bring it back!

From the 25th August, our Truffle Croissant Burger will be added to all our Haché menus for you to enjoy once again! But because she is high maintenance she won't be sticking around for long!

While you're pondering whether she's worth a visit to one of our restaurants, let us divulge a bit more information about this beauty...

The Truffle Croissant Burger comes with a steak patty, truffle mayo, gruyere, Comte, Dijon, inside a soft croissant bun and topped with a cornichon. It's a combo no one knew they needed but we now can't live without!


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